Dental anxiety is a serious issue and unfortunately keeps some people from receiving necessary care, which makes their dental problems worse because of lack of care and their visits become all the more difficult.

It’s natural for people to be uncomfortable in a dental office and we do various things to reduce anxiety, such as taking breaks, simply asking our patients how they are doing, and listening to their responses.

However, for some people, sedation dentistry is the alternative. One type is breathing a mixture of nitrous oxide, which is an analgesic (non-narcotic) that is effective for moderate anxiety. For severe dental anxiety, Lake Harbor Dental is able to provide intravenous sedation.

About once a week, someone will come in and say they suffer from extreme dental anxiety, enough to where they request intravenous sedation. Most often, this is appropriate for dental surgery or widsom teeth removal, but some people might need it for a simple cleaning. The drugs put the patient in a semi-conscious state and we monitor their breathing, heart rate and blood oxygen levels during the procedure. Because of the level of sedation, patients must bring someone with them who can drive them home.

Not many offices provide this level of sedation because of the level of training necessary. Dr. Peterson is certified to perform this service and he must recertify annually. So, if you or someone you know needs dental care but are just too stressed out, LakeHarbor Dental can help.