Most dental offices have normal business hours, but sometimes emergencies happen after hours or on weekends. Rest assured that if you have a dental emergency, you can be seen right away.

Lake Harbor is part of a group of rotating on-call dentists for nights and weekends. When you call Lake Harbor after hours, you’ll receive an on-call service number and one of about 10 dentists will call you back immediately and arrange for care

Typical emergency calls include tooth aches, root canals and extractions. Some dentists still make temporary crowns which occasionally need fixing, or the teeth drift and the laboratory-made crown that comes in a week or two later won’t fit. A lot are sports-related cosmetic emergencies where a front tooth breaks or a crown comes off. Very few of these cases can be handled on the phone alone but every once in a while a patient just needs reassurance that a chip can wait a day and their dentist will fix it on Monday.

Remember, if you have an after-hours dental emergency give us a call and we may be able to help. 853-4687